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 .:~ Romy ~:.

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Dog profile
Age: 4 years
Lifestyle: Solitair
Partner: Got raped, got pregnant, got Mirror, Kira, Dynami and Tibo

BerichtOnderwerp: .:~ Romy ~:.   zo 20 mei - 22:36

under construction

.:~ General ~:.

Name; Romy
Age; 4 years already and I live 9 months in terror.
Parents; I left them for *name*
Siblings; I hope to see them again once
Little Ones; Mirror
Mate/Crush;I can never love again after what was done to me. I tell my pups there dad died
Force; None.

.:~ Appereance ~:.
Breed; Labrador retriever
Fur; Black, but after some time some places turn grey
Eyes; hazelbrown

.:~ Inside ~:.

.:~ History ~:.

- birth
- childhood
- meeting *name*
- found out
- raped
- birth of pups
- now

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.:~ Romy ~:.
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